Caves of the drach

The Caves of Drach are four great caves that are located in Manacor, near the locality of Porto Cristo.

The caves of Drach are formed by four caves, called Black Cave, White Cave, Cave of Luis Salvador, and Cave of the French, all of them are connected to each other. The caves have formed by water being forced through the entrance from the Mediterranean Sea, and some researchers think the formation may date back to the Miocene Epoch.

Guided Tour Caves of Drach

They were first mentioned in a letter dated 1338 from Rover de Rovenach, the governor of Mallorca, to the mayor of Manacor and in 1632 the name “Drach” appears for the first time in the book Historia del Reino de Mallorca by Dameto. In 1895 they are mentioned in the book Clovis Dartetor by Jules Verne.

The caves were explored in 1880 by M. F. Will and in 1896 by E.A. Martel, who discovered the cave containing the lake that bears his name and where classical music concerts take place. This lake is one of the biggest underground lakes of the world, which is about 117 m in length and 30 m in width, and its depth varies between four and twelve meters.

Between 1922 and 1935 the cave was conditioned to be visited by opening a new entrance, building paths, stairs, etc. and above all, by installing electric lighting designed by the engineer Mr. Buigas.

The concert at ‘Lake Martel’ has been offered since 1935 and consists of pieces of classical music. It takes 10 minutes and it is played by a a a quartet of cello, clave and two violins. During the concert, Light effects are a reminiscent of a sunrise over the lake.

The temperature inside is about 21°C and the humidity 80%. The caves extend to a depth of 25 m and reaching approximately 4 km in length.

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